MOMENTS OF MAGIC: Magician Anthony Reed is About to Make Social Distancing Disappear!

MOMENTS OF MAGIC: Magician Anthony Reed is About to Make Social Distancing Disappear!

Jun 26, 2020

You may not be going to a theater to watch a magic show for a while longer, but thanks to Master Magician Anthony Reed and the ENCORE Theater, the magic is coming to you!

The show is called “MOMENTS OF MAGIC” and will be coming to you live via ZOOM. This new way of virtual performing allows every audience member to grab a front-row seat, while watching one of Guam’s premier entertainers, Magician Anthony Reed. “The performing arts on Guam have all but shut down. My goal is to bring magic back into the lives of family and friends and connect them with one another through the best live experience I can provide during this unusual time”.

Reservations will max out at 10 households per performance to preserve the show’s intimate experience and to make sure that every participant feels like the magic is happening for them personally in the comfort and safety of their own homes.

Anthony promises that NO camera tricks, NO special effects or edits will be used during this live show. “Some of these magical moments online are stronger than even a live theater sit down show. . . every participant’s reaction to an effect can be seen at the same time. This is a rare and unique new platform for Magic! Even after things get back to normal, I plan to continue this venture as it will allow me to reach audiences across the globe without being on tour. I will be able to speak to my audience members and interact with them, unlike anything before, connecting families at home via internet with their computer, laptop or tablet.

Prior to each show, participants will be asked to have on hand some things around the house such as playing cards and a calculator, while I instruct audience members to perform magic that will make them gasp with sheer joy and wonder!”

There will be comedy, mind reading, optical illusions, story-telling and of course, Moments of Magic. I will be connected into the fastest internet possible including crisp sound and lighting pre-mixed through the internet allowing for the best possible show into the audience’s living room. There will be a quick tutorial before the show so that everyone feels comfortable using Zoom. The show will be an hour, possibly longer depending on audience participation, with no intermission at a price point that makes sense whether you are 2 viewers or a household of 20.

So let’s get together, during this time that we are apart!

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