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8 Effects Of COVID-19 On Travel and Tourism

Aug 28, 2020

The COVID-19 Pandemic has left the biggest impact on travel and tourism in Guam.

According to the UNWTO, “the world is facing an unprecedented global health, social and economic emergency.”

Going place-to-place and gathering in large crowds have been the main source of livelihood for this industry, along with others that have been hit.

People today can only imagine how hard it must be for these businesses to adapt and survive.

With 300 million tourists and US$320 billion lost, here are 8 effects that changed Travel and Tourism in Guam:


Companies and agencies that promote travel and tourism were driven out of business by COVID-19 due to the lack of customers and heavy restrictions on mass gathering and leisure activities.

The airline industry has resulted in a billions-of-dollars loss, with 14 international airlines reported filing for bankruptcy because of the pandemic.

Even travel agencies in Guam that have been operating for decades are closing its doors, along with entertainment centers, shopping malls, and dine-in restaurants.

As a result, there are high records of unemployment and economies are entering a recession, so as much as you can, you should support local businesses.


Airlines that are currently operating have to follow strict protocols during flights to ensure safety in confined spaces and maintain social distancing.

All flyers are required to wear face covers and leave the middle seats empty.

Upon arrival, some countries require 7 to 14 days of self-isolation and keep track of their monitoring systems for contact tracing.

These changes have transformed travel into a luxury, as airlines have to make up for the financial loss that their adopted policies have on the business.

Apart from existing travel restrictions, these can be a lasting impact on the future of travel and tourism in Guam, where only people who have the financial means would be able to afford flying.


People today are opting for domestic travel, both out of fear to go elsewhere and because of travel restrictions that suspend flights going in and out of the country.

Supporting local businesses and tourism are ideal in helping the country recover from an economic downturn.

While travel and tourism in Guam are forecasted to have lower-than-usual foreign arrivals in the future, locals are expected to take the opportunity to plan their trips closer to home and travel domestically as soon as the economy reopens.


Fewer tourists mean traveling abroad becomes more expensive. However, this issue isn’t limited to airlines alone.

According to the World Economic Forum, it would take at least 10 months for economies to recover from the impact of COVID-19, which means businesses struggling to survive need to raise their prices.

Since the pandemic requires the implementation of social distancing, leisure and entertainment venues like restaurants, hotels, and theaters need to make up for their limited headcount because they can’t “pack the house.”


What used to be tourist magnets are expected to have fewer crowds and limited experiences.

We’re talking about theme parks, resorts, museums, and landmarks that are famous for attracting large crowds.

Even when they reopen in the future, there will be mandatory temperature checks, mask and face shield protocols, social distancing and interaction from afar or with barriers, even when crowds become smaller to ensure health and safety.


Accommodation starts to look a little more different during the pandemic as hotels, vacation rentals, and other forms of lodgings like Airbnb become a popular choice of holiday destinations known as “stay-cations.”

Since most people are being encouraged to work from home and place themselves under quarantine, these places have been redefined from being used short-term to longer periods or weekly to monthly stays.

While going outside for leisure is still frowned upon, travel-lovers hop from lodgings-to-lodgings as a way to cure their wanderlust while staying safe from exposure.


Businesses that still require some form of face-to-face interaction, work to meet public demand by adopting several hygiene initiatives. Just like security checkpoints, cleanliness and sanitization become a priority in every establishment.

When travel becomes possible, governments are likely to implement mandatory rules from the airport, to transport hubs and every possible entry point to promote safe travel and tourism.

To ensure contactless interactions, businesses need to invest in technology and train their staff on how to maintain cleanliness at all times, while offering the best customer service.


On the road to recovery, businesses try their best to offer their products and services to customers with the help of technology.

Thanks to current innovations, travel, and tourism can be made virtually possible.

You can make bookings online and cashless payments, without a problem!

From the comfort of your home, you can experience leisure activities and games through digital viewing. It would feel like visiting a theater to watch your favorite show.

Like in Encore Guam, you can have Moments of Magic on your big screen anytime, anywhere.


The world may look bleak today, but it’s important to never lose hope and keep on believing that someday travel and tourism in Guam will be possible again.

Just remember these 8 effects to help you plan your future trips:

  • Businesses Closing Down
  • The State Of Flights
  • Boost Local Tourism
  • Temporary Inflation
  • Lack Of Crowds And Experience
  • Long-term Stays
  • Security & Safety In The “New Normal”
  • Bringing The Experience To You

From Encore Guam, we truly hope that everyone stays informed, healthy, and safe!

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