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7 Things To Do In Guam After the COVID-19 Pandemic

Aug 24, 2020

As we go through uncertain times, we’re all wondering what’s next for Guam after the COVID-19 pandemic.

And what better way to stay optimistic than to plan a travel itinerary?

Well, fret not, because we made a list of exciting activities that you can enjoy while you are in the beautiful island of Guam, located in the heart of the Western Pacific.

Guam, a relatively small island territory of the US, has loads of fun activities you can choose from. It’s important to support local businesses and promote tourism as the economy starts to open in the “New Normal.”

Aside from trying the hundreds of restaurants serving savory cuisines from all over the world, indulging in shopping tax-free for a variety of retail purchases, and enjoying local attractions, you should not pass up the opportunity to do the wide selection of sports, beach and water activities in Guam.

Check these out:


If you are looking for an evening full of exhilarating magic and illusions, make sure not to miss “ENCORE! Where the Magic Happens.” All performances are captivating and appropriate for all ages.

Guam’s Best Family Entertainment Show, located in Tumon at the Fiesta Resort, features renowned Master Magician Anthony Reed, circus artist, Ian Faraonel, and the newest addition to their family, Comedy Magician Hank Rice.

Meanwhile, check out Moments of Magic, for a fun and virtual interactive magic show.


If you are into thrilling outdoor activities, go and try off-road buggy and take in the beautiful views of the north coast of Guam and the Marianas Trench!

Your professional guide will lead you through gravel paths, secret trails and a special off-road course. All equipment is given, and your adventure includes guidance, vehicle operational safety orientation, and a guided experience. You can select your type of vehicle, and you can drive alone or with friends.

Enjoy Guam’s off-road adventure and soak in the beautiful surroundings and breathtaking scenic lookouts for brief photo opportunities. You will most definitely want to keep memories of this adventure.


At the Fish Eye Marine Park, you can discover varied species of fish and best of all is a pod of spinner dolphins, bottlenose dolphins, and much more while you are on board the cruise.

Watch the dolphins as they twirl and jump, and learn more about the dolphins from your friendly guide. See flying fishes as well as your modern cruiser sails past breathtaking sceneries around Guam coast.

Discover more of the local underwater landscape and over 200 species of fish at the Fish Eye Underwater Observatory or treat yourself to local flavored Chamorro spareribs add on after your dolphin watching cruise.


Experience go-karting at the Guam International Raceway and it will keep your heart racing and bring out your competitive spirit.

You don’t need to worry because there are safety gears and equipment to ensure your safety when you are on the track. An instructor will also make sure you get instructions before your thrilling ride.

Feel the pace on their thrilling go-karting adventure as you race your teammates … Take the twists and turns, follow the straightaways and compete for first place against them.

Combine your go-kart adventure to ultimate thrill with the Buggy Adventure or Super Car Experience.


The Eco Snorkeling takes you to the extreme with an experience of excellence that brings you close and personal with some of the most beautifully colorful fish in the sea. In the snorkeling area there is a peaceful seascape which makes it a home for over 200 fish species.

This is a safe snorkeling experience escorted with proper guides and gear. All snorkeling equipment (life jacket, mask, snorkeling, and fins) are provided free. Make sure to keep your eyes open for the varied sea creatures as your guide provides you with fresh food for the fish. The underwater scene will surely leave you breathless.


After your snorkeling adventure at Piti Bay Preserve, you can choose to enjoy the culinary flavors of Guam during the Fish Eye Marine Park Island dinner show.

Soak in the spectacular view of the stunning horizon sunset on our sporty cruiser and pamper yourself with a selection of delicious island dishes at Fish Eye Garden Restaurant, enjoy the best pan-pacific island cultural show in luxury seats.

Watch and be fascinated by lively knife and fire dancers performers as you enjoy the flavorsome buffet-style cuisine. The Fish Eye dinner show will be a feast for both your eyes and your tummy.


If you are in Guam, make sure to visit Ypao Beach Park, the most popular and largest beach park on the island. Its official name has actually been changed to Joseph Flores Beach Park, but locals prefer to call the tourist spot, Ypao Beach, because they have already been used to the old name.

At Ypao Beach, family events abound. Ypao beach, the nearest place to see and be seen, is next to one of Guam’s biggest public parks. This beach section is regularly groomed, and manicured.

Tourists enjoy this park for picnics and barbeques, while the coral-filled water is great for snorkeling. The beach park is perfect for families and people of all ages looking for fun under the sun.


Doing these activities will most certainly leave you wanting for more of Guam.

Here’s a quick checklist of everything we mentioned:

  • Encore! Where The Magic Happens
  • Off-road ATV (Buggy Adventure)
  • Dolphin-watching Cruise From Fish Eye Marine Park
  • Go-kart Racing Experience
  • Piti Bay Marine Preserve Snorkeling Tour
  • Sunset Cruise And Fish Eye Island Cultural Dinner Show
  • Ypao Beach Park

We hope you enjoy looking forward to your next Guam adventure!

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