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6 Simple Ways You Can Help Guam After The Pandemic

Sep 08, 2020

These days have been challenging for everyone around the world, and even for us, imagining the state of Guam after the pandemic can sometimes make us feel uncertain.

Due to the international travel restrictions, mandatory quarantines and closing down non-essential businesses, the economy suffers in exchange for our health and safety.

As we all focus on social distancing, there are simple ways that we can give back to our community by supporting our local businesses so they can recover from the effects of the lockdown.


There are thousands of existing local businesses in Guam, and they offer the same products and services for better, sometimes more affordable, quality.

It doesn’t have to be just groceries or retail items, it can even be paying to watch a movie or virtual shows like Moments of Magic.

Try calling their stores or looking them up online to see if they accept online orders, takeout and even delivery.


Once you do get in touch with your local businesses, it helps to be more understanding of the situation.

Businesses today are struggling to stay open, especially those from the non-essential sector, while some of them are still learning the ropes of the “New Normal.”

There may be some changes in policies or even unwanted delays in delivery, but being a good customer can improve the customer experience for you and the business transactions for their business.


While we’re all under quarantine, most people are always on social media. Why don’t you connect with them and become a part of their community?

A simple follow, like, share and comment are all baby steps into widening their presence for everyone to see.

If a huge number of people can hit that one button, you’re doing a lot more impact than you think.

Businesses can build trust from their market, so more people will get to know them and want to make a purchase from them, even after the pandemic.


Apart from engaging with them on social media, you can also take the initiative to give them a shoutout on your own profiles.

Whether it’s because you liked their products, or you had a good interaction with their owners, customer referrals are the most powerful marketing tool for businesses.

By tagging your friends or posting a nice review, you are saving a lot of money for these businesses, at the same time, you help their business reach grow in numbers.


While not everyone has the means to invest in a business, you can give small tips to your local business providers, or donate in kind to causes you believe in like charities and organizations that focus on helping the community.

According to statistics, the world is predicted to undergo an economic depression if the pandemic doesn’t improve.

A lot of people have lost their livelihood, and those that are still in business struggle to maintain their daily operations. This is a good time to be charitable, especially to the less fortunate.


Headlines are already filled with horrible news caused by the pandemic, and while we believe it’s important to be aware of what’s happening around the world, staying informed shouldn’t mean focusing on the bad alone.

It’s important to work together as a community, by spreading awareness and positivity on how to be a part of the solution.

By encouraging people to shop local and ordering online, or following health protocols such as washing hands and wearing a mask, you’re doing your part as an individual to help the country.


These small acts of kindness can help local businesses grow and survive in Guam after the pandemic, and in no time, supports the economic recovery.

If you want to take a few actions to spread kindness, here’s a summary of everything we shared:

  1. Try And Shop Local
  2. Be Patient And Friendly
  3. Engage Online
  4. The Power Of Referrals
  5. Financial Support
  6. Spread Positivity

At Encore Guam, your health and safety is our priority, we hope you find these tips helpful.

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