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4 Tips To Cure Wanderlust During Lockdown

Aug 28, 2020

Travel restrictions and social distancing have given us a case of wanderlust during lockdown, no thanks to the pandemic.

Just because we can’t go on trips outside, it doesn’t mean that there aren’t any ways to feed our hungers for adventure.

Before the coronavirus even happened, people have already developed coping mechanisms to their wanderlust, and perhaps many of us can find comfort in experiencing new things without putting ourselves at risk.

Here are 4-EASY tips you can do to cure wanderlust NOW:


Vision boards are great ideas to help you stay inspired in keeping up with your travel fund and manifest your next adventure with clear images.

Here are some of the benefits:

  • Makes you wonder where you really want to go
  • Tickles your creativity
  • Serves as a daily visual reminder of your dreams
  • Gets you fired up when you lack motivation
  • Just good ol’ fun during lockdown

If you’re a fan of Pinterest, you can create boards for every kind of destination you want to someday visit.

Or if you already collected mementos and photos from previous trips, you can create a collage in print or digitally, and set it as your wallpaper.


Every person needs a bucket list that includes places they want to visit, and what better way is there to hope than to plan for it?

Think small and work your way up by starting day-trips and road-trips, to looking up travel paths with multiple flight layovers that allow you to explore places before you reach your destination.

You can take this opportunity to connect with travel communities about their experiences and ask them for advice to make the most out of your future travels.

Once you’ve got the list down, create an itinerary of activities you must try such as visiting landmarks, trying out local food or asking for directions in a foreign language, the sky’s the limit.

Similar to a vision board, planning out your travel bucket list is a relaxing activity that keeps wanderlust at bay.


Thanks to modern technology and the abundance of online content, you can actually experience travel and tourism without having to move from your seat.

With tools like Google Arts & Culture, you can visit famous landmarks, galleries and museums anywhere in the world with augmented reality.

You can also resort to watching virtual shows like Moments of Magic, movies or even the “trendy” YouTube videos of people walking around the streets in different parts of the world.

And if you have a backyard, you can try “glamping” or yoga to watch the sunrise, sunset and even stargazing at home. The universe is so big and you can explore it right at home.

Any outdoor activities like gardening and playing with your pets are some ways to spice up your quarantine life, and are also known to cure wanderlust.


While we recommend staying in quarantine for your health and safety, if you are able to go outside, consider touring your own city by going on a drive as a quick way to travel.

And if quarantine-at-home gets dull, you can always book a hotel or go on a staycation with AirBnb, to get a different view.

But if those choices are out of the equation, you can always redecorate your home to replicate the place you want to travel to.

Here are some ideas that would definitely set the travel mood, despite being in lockdown:

  • Playing their local music while reading a travel guide or book
  • Dressing up at-home like a tourist and taking photos for social media
  • Learning a new language and making online friends you can practice with
  • Trying out a new cuisine that you can order or cook yourself

Immersing yourself in a different culture helps in curing wanderlust, at the same time, you can widen your horizons even during lockdown.


With these 4 tips, we hope you can find comfort in not being able to travel.

Just remember:

  • Create A Vision Board
  • Plan Your Next Trip
  • Travel The World (From Home!)
  • Set & Get Into The Mood

From Encore Guam, stay healthy and keep safe!

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