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4 Magic Tricks You Can Do At Home

Nov 17, 2020

Have you tried learning magic tricks to acquire a new skill during lockdown?

Perhaps a lot of us are feeling bored and could use a different form of entertainment right about now.

Well, we got you!

We’re about to reveal the secrets to some of the most popular magic tricks, so you can do it yourself.

Here’s 4 of them using materials that you already have at home:


Let’s get you started with a less common magic trick that once you master, will surely impress a lot of people, including yourself!

Video Tutorial by AboutMagic

Props Needed:

  • 1 Card
  • Clear tape
  • 2-foot black thread


  • Attach the end of the thread to the center back of the card and seal it with adhesive tape.
  • Take the other end of the thread and run it over your hand to a button of your shirt or belt buckle. You can wrap it around the button or tape it to your buckle.
  • Experiment with the thread length – The thread needs to be somewhat taut when you extend your arm in front of your body, while there’s enough thread for the card to dangle below your hand.
  • Run the thread from your body over your hand between your index and midline fingers.
  • If you’re right-handed, you’ll want to run the thread over your left hand and launch the card with your right hand. If you’re left-handed, simply reverse the setup.


  • Grab the card with your hand and mimic the motion of throwing a frisbee or disc, by folding your hand with bent wrists towards your arm.
  • When you throw the card, it will spin on its axis created by the thread you taped at the center back.
  • It should look like it’s floating under your hand.
  • Display the front of the card so others won’t see the thread and tape.


The simplest variation of a crowd favorite in street magic, is being able to bend a metallic spoon, without breaking a sweat.

Video Tutorial by AboutMagic

Props Needed:

  • 1 Regular Spoon


  • Grasp the spoon with both hands and press the spoon’s bowl, with the open side up onto a surface.
  • Make sure the handle doesn’t peek over your thumbs.
  • When you press down on the spoon handle towards the surface, the handle slides through your hands till it almost reaches the base of your hands.
  • What happens in the audience perspective is that it appears bent, when in reality the spoon is just changing angles.


For this magic trick, here’s how to make it look like a rubber band mysteriously jumps between fingers.

Video Tutorial by AboutMagic

Props Needed:

  • Rubber band or hair elastic


  • Put the rubber band through your pinky and ring fingers and let it rest at the base of your fingers.
  • Let the back of your hand face the audience.
  • Using the same hand, use your thumb to reach underneath the elastic band and stretch it open to fit all four fingers.
  • Practice until you can do it fast and discreetly.
  • When you open your fingers, it will look like the elastic has “jumped” to your index and middle finger.


Last, but not the least, you can make magic out of your next snack or meal, and have it sliced for you before eating it, with this neat trick.

Video Tutorial by Videojug

Props Needed:

  • Pin
  • Banana with Peel


  • Stick the pin where you want it to be “magically sliced.”
  • Pivot the pin in a horizontal direction to separate the banana inside.
  • Repeat the process if you’re going to slice it into more pieces
  • Make sure not to cause any obvious or visible damage. It needs to appear as normal as possible.


We hope you enjoyed learning about these magic tricks. Go ahead and try them out with your loved ones!

Remember, practice makes perfect. 

Here’s a summary of everything we shared:

  1. Float And Spin A Playing Card In Midair
  2. Bend A Spoon
  3. Jumping Rubber Band Trick
  4. Banana Buster

From Encore Guam, we hope you have a healthy and enjoyable quarantine!

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