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3 Shows About Magic You Can Watch Online

Oct 06, 2020

If you’re looking for new ways to keep entertained at home, you should check out shows about magic!

It’s widely available online, and you don’t even have to step out to get a taste of the magical experience.

Since we’re all practicing social distancing, a lot of us find ourselves feeling bored of having nothing to do, or maybe lonely from lack of interaction.

In this article, we give you our 3 best picks that bring the magic on the big screen TO YOU and your family!


Starting off with a bang, this list wouldn’t be complete without our personal favorite from Encore Guam. You probably miss going to the theater to watch a spectacular magic show, but no worries! Master Magician Anthony Reed made it his goal to bring magic back into the lives of family and friends and connect them with one another through the best live experience he can provide during this unusual time.

Anthony Reed is well-known in Guam and Saipan as a world-class performer for thousands of shows, where he received international recognition. You may have even seen him on NBC’s hit television shows, “America’s Got Talent” and “World’s Most Dangerous Magic.” No camera tricks, special effects, nor edits will be used during this live show. Yes, you heard it.

This show will be live on Zoom, where you and your loved ones can grab front-row seats at the comfort of your home. The best part is, you are part of the show! Get excited because we’ll make social distancing disappear and bring the magic theater experience to you with Moments of Magic.


Popular Videos On His Channel:

One of the biggest social media platforms, YouTube has 2 billions users worldwide, accounting to 79% of internet users. It might not be as big as Facebook and Instagram, but it’s definitely the biggest video platform that allows you to watch content for FREE.

Most of the content creators get their material out to the world by uploading them on YouTube, and this is where popular filmmaker, Zach King, continues to share his love for magic to over 8 millions of his followers or subscribers.

You can choose between his short and long-form videos, but one thing is for sure, your eyes are in for a feast of mind boggling tricks. While Zach King doesn’t consider himself a magician by occupation, his viewers are always entertained by his film trickery to show all sorts of illusions to the audience.

He’s well known for morphing items and transporting himself into different places. Because of his popularity, he is seen collaborating with famous personalities like Jason Derulo, Tony Hawk and even one of the biggest magicians in the world, David Blaine!


High-rating Episodes

  • Time is Relative (Season 2 – Episode 6)
  • Seeing Is Believing (Season 1 – Episode 4)
  • All Work and No Play (Season 2 – Episode 5)

For most of us at home, we’re pretty sure that at least there’s one device that’s playing shows on Netflix. And if we’re right, you’d want to add Magic For Humans to your watch list.

While YouTube holds the trophy for video social media, Netflix sits on the throne for the largest streaming service. According to Statista, in the second quarter of 2020, Netflix had 192.95 million paying streaming subscribers worldwide. Of these subscribers, 72.9 million were from the United States.

When you Google search this Magic For Humans, it’s described as an American Reality Show that was released back in 2018 and still continues to air today, on its 3rd season. It stars comedian, TV Personality and magician, Justin Willman.

They describe the show as “good-natured magic with grown-up laughs that sends him out on the streets and into locations like schools to baffle unsuspecting people. He aims to wow the marks as he performs the tricks and illusions in front of them, with no camera tricks to assist him.”


With these recommendations, we’re sure you won’t get as bored and lonely anymore of being stuck at home.

Just turn on your computer and be amazed by these shows about magic:

  1. Moments of Magic on Encore Guam
  2. Zach King on YouTube
  3. Magic For Humans on Netflix

Stay safe everyone and see you online at Encore Guam!

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